I originally wrote this during the primary campaign of 2016 when The Holy Spirit finally revealed some very important things about candidate Trump. That’s when I knew he would win regardless of the massive opposition he was against, he shook the world with a massive political earthquake. President Trump’s an imperfect vessel being led to establish some important upcoming Biblical events. Let us keep him in our prayers to that God may guide him to make the best decisions possible in a time when seemingly the whole world is against him and Christians. Read on please.

Nobody seems to understand the Trump phenomenon. It has multiple layers, one of them being Biblical. Let me explain that part of it.

As I stated earlier, the year 2016 can be broken down into 666 with
this equation: 666 + 666 + 666 + 6 + 6 + 6 = 2016.


Another sign of the time is this Biblical verse:
1 Corinthians 15:52 In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last TRUMP…

There’s more to the verse, read the rest of it, it signifies the end of the age and the coming of The Messiah, at which point all turn from the corruptible flesh bodies to the incorruptible spiritual bodies.

Biblically speaking, Trumps (trumpets) are used as signifying the start of something, or the initiation of actions/events. Think of the medieval movies/shows where they use Trumpets to warn of coming enemies, or to initiate an attack. Biblical Trumps do the same. They are the audible signal of things to come. And so here we have another sign of the season in which we live – Donald TRUMP.

1 Corinthians 15:52 In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last TRUMP!!!…

A Trumpet has sounded. Eyes to see, ears to hear. We are at the Fifth Trump of The Book Of Revelations. This runs parallel to the Fifth Seal and the Fifth Vial. It is the era of Grace, and only God The Father in Christ’s Name can save the soul.

Now this leads to this Biblical verse:
Revelation 13:3 And I saw one of his heads as it were wounded to death; and his DEADLY WOUND was healed: and all the world wondered after the beast.

First, the Deadly Wound is the collapse of the world order due to one nation/group of nations beating back the attempts at Globalization. Some call it the One World Order or New World Order, basically it’s an attempt to create world government through economic/financial/territorial (think European Union) integration. Control the money, you control the world.

For years I made the point to my fellow Bible students that the Deadly Wound would be initiated by America. And it’s easy to see why, because America is the last bastion of individual freedoms in the world. And only in America is there a substantial population of people that take freedom seriously that has the means to fight back and win. But the war is not one of arms, but of ideas and political maneuvering. It is this America First silent majority that would provide the power to strike the deadly wound upon one of the heads of the beast (world order). All they needed was a leader.
Remember the Biblical verse, “At the last TRUMP”…then out of nowhere came Donald TRUMP.

A Nationalist leader that puts America first.

Donald Trump, based on my research, appears to be of Engle birth, German stock with some Scottish thrown in. His physical characteristics are also those of what you would expect of the royal line of True Judah (not todays Jews who aren’t of the true tribe of Judah) – Red hair and blue eyes and tall (and remember, Judah was but one tribe of 12, but all were Caucasian of various types, far different from the current claimants of being of Judah; for the record I’m not Caucasian). Saxons = Isaac’s Sons.

As Christ had/was, as King David had/was. As the British Royal family has/is (who is true Judah), especially the current young princes, the heirs to the genetic throne of Judah.

All the silent majority needed was a leader. That’s Trump. And now Trump will initiate a whole new set of leaders by his example, and create a whole new subset of media platforms to counter the crap in the news media we have to deal with. We live in an era of lies and deceptions. And the natural reaction to that is the information counter-revolution that we are in the beginnings of.

Now most people allow the media to control their minds and believe anything the media says about someone so it’s no surprise some people don’t like Donald Trump. But that is actually your fault, not his, because you’ve allowed your mind to be weakened to the point that you believe anything the news & pop culture media say. It’s pure weakness and emotion. Stop being weak. I don’t say that to have you support Trump, though I do, but above all I support The Truth. I only tell you that because at one time I too was weak-minded and allowed the news media (Fox, MSNBC, CNN, NYT, etc) to shape my opinions. Not anymore. I’ve strengthened myself against the tools of propaganda.

Stop following the crowd. Think independently. Do not allow the media, who is not on God’s side, to shape your opinion of others.

So, to summarize (trust me, this has been a very simple overview).

Trump is a sign, and the year 2016 (666) is a sign. We are the 5th Trump, the era of Grace (5 signifies Grace in Biblical numerics). We are about to move forward into a new era that is not for the weak of heart and mind. Prepare spiritually. Those of us that are ready are going to have a blast as we wear the armor of God, which is simply the force of The Truth. We are fully protected and prepared for the 6th Trump (6th Trump, 6th Seal, 6th Vial = 666).

I hope you too are prepared spiritually and mentally. If you’re not, HUSTLE, you simply don’t have the time you think you do.

Study to show thyself approved.

God bless

3 thoughts on “Trump’s Biblical Prophetic Role

  1. Isaiah 18 tells us to watch the United States in the end times so no doubt Donald Trump is important. I do respectively disagree with a couple things. First the seals, trumpets and vials are not together in any way. The vials are poured out in order after the trumpets. Reason I say this is because it’s written in the very first vial people are breaking out in sores for taking the mark of the beast. Also in the 5th vial the beasts kingdom is thrown into darkness (how can this happen if he isn’t setup yet?) and it goes on to say that the antichrist’s followers blaspheme the God of Heaven which means they know exactly where the one true God is. This shows us they are after the 7th trump because the mystery of God and the antichrist is revealed for who he is at the 7th trump.
    Also the deadly wound will not be a political system. It is written Satan will go into the pit for a thousand years while the false Prophet and beast are thrown into the lake of fire. Now how can a political system be thrown into a lake of fire? It’s also written when Satan goes into the lake of fire that the false Prophet and beast are already there. Notice as well in Revelation 11:7 it says the beast that ascends out of the bottomless pit, now again how can a political system come out of a bottomless pit? We also know the beast isn’t Satan because Satan is not limited to the bottomless pit, when war breaks out in Heaven Satan is there.
    The first seal is the antichrist human being.
    The 4th seal is satan himself and death does follow him.

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